Kirke Wrench is the owner and founder of KW Hospitality Group LLC.  He is an authority in hotel finance, development strategy, and asset management. The KW Hospitality Group provides a wide range of specialized consulting services to hotel owners, developers, lenders, and other players in the hospitality industry.

Mr. Wrench has over 25 years of hotel operations, development, and financing experience.   He served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group for 19 years and helped grow the company from 4 hotel to over 40 properties.  He has hands-on knowledge of and a passion for the acquisition, renovation/construction, financing, and ownership of hotels.  His broad business understanding combined with his financial savvy has resulted in a versatile style with the ability to move easily from hands-on routine matters to high level strategic thinking. 

Kirke Wrench
KW Hospitality Group LLC
38 Keyes Ave Suite LL04
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 517-0870